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Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Systems

See below the presentation of ECA Group Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Systems. This systems is based on the Inspector MK2 designed by Orion. The boat was designed by our team in order to allow ECA Group to easily fit on board their drone command system and all the payload the boat need to perform her missions.

The inspector MK2 is a 9 m unmanned surface vehicle. She is a multipurpose drone which can be used for multiple applications such as mine fighting, coastal and harbor protection, firefighting or many other applications benefitting the use of a drone.



More details on ECA website.

USV Inspector MKII sea trials

Sea Trials
Inspector MK2 en navigationInspector MK2 en navigationThe Inspector MK2 designed by ORION (full boat design) for our partner ECA GROUP.

The sea trials ran very well: the 9 m USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) reached 35 knots with her twin hydrojets.

More details about this open design boat on ECA website.

USV Inspector video

ORION design USV Inspector
ECA GROUP  harbour protection video

The coastal protection solution developed by ECA Group provides an innovative unmanned solution based on USV and UAV interaction. Due to their permanence at sea or in air, their agility to operate allowing to operators to stay out of danger zones, these drones detect, recognize and intervene rapidly against surface threats. Combined with an underwater sonar for divers intrusion detection, the operator gets the complete situation awareness and adapts its response for protecting coastal maritime assets as protecting coastal maritime assets as harbour, maritime infrastructure, flee... Self-contained in a truck, this easy to deploy solution (less than 2 hours by two operators) provides a high level of integration between sub-systems and mission & data management systems.

Batcub News

Batcub en navigationAfter two years of exploitation, Batcub has more that reached their objectives and allowed the Bordelais to regain control their river. Indeed, after first year necessary for the users to discover this new environment-friendly means of transportation, Batcub conquered the Bordelais.
The initial objective of 200 000 passengers a year was exceeded(overtaken) over this second year of navigation.
Pilots of the ship were able to appreciate a reliable boat. It allowed 120 000 passengers to make routes place of residence - work calmly. 80 000 remainders were able to take advantage of routes to make strolls on the river.

Inclining Experiment of the TANIT

TanitOrion Naval Engineering  assisted Cotunav (Tunisian Company of Navigation) during the experiment of stability of TANIT the last ROPAX of their fleet.
After a week of statements and measures made by our engineers' team, the precise characteristics of the ship were able to be exactly determined.

See paper : le marin.

Euromaritime & Eurowaterway Expo 2015

Banner ONE Euromaritime 1Bannière euromaritime 2From 3 till 5 February 2015, ONE exhibited skill and know-how for fishing vessels design, environment friendly passengers boats and specials vessels
Orion shown future projects and cases studies like the latest multi mission generation USV (Unmaned Surface Vessel ) for ECA GROUP, as well as projects of future hybrid propulsion passenger vessels in partnership with ECA EN


The Greenboat navigation

Chantier Dubourdieu – Gujan Mestras (33)                                                     
July 3th 2014.

Le greenboat en navigation

A beautiful pictures of a wooden diesel-electric hybrid ship, conceived by ORION for the Dubourdieu shipyard, sailing on the Bay of Arcachon (credit Dubourdieu ) of Greenboat.


LAUNCHING second Patrol Vessel

Couach shipyard - Gujan Mestras (33)

triptique patrouilleur al nichtoon The launch of two patrol 22m fromYemen’s Coast Guard, "Al Mocha " (01/04/2014) and "Al Nishtoon " (30/04/2014), designed by ORION for the shipyard COUACH – PLASCOA. Here are the beautiful pictures of the launch of "Al Nishtoon" and "sister" side-by-side.

Launching the beach (R)

Based on an original Fabrice Duffour idea and desing, ORION has designed the hull and structure of the Beach (R) to be a seductive blend of the typical flat oyster of Arcachon with the elegance of Beacher, the flagship of the Beacher Concept range.

After a successful launch on the Bassin d'Arcachon, it’s very clear: the boat performs well, floats its lines, and maneuvers like a bike. The hull designed by ORION splits waves without splashing the bridge. Try it today!

Launching First Patrol Vessel

Couach shipyard - Gujan Mestras (33)

Coque relevée laser FARO ORION and  the shipyard of COUACH / PLASCOA are proud to put on the water a fast 22m patrol boat called "Al Mocha", intended for Yemeni coastguards. The ship, the first of a series of two, was designed entirely by our team, in collaboration with our site. It is nearly 3 years of work, punctuated by geopolitical challenges in Yemen, that eventually led to this great achievement. The ship floats in its lines, all systems—mechanical and electrical—work perfectly, and the interior layout is functional and very pleasant.

ORION led all ship design studies (weight estimate, regulatory compliance and project monitoring, hull structure, mechanical and electrical systems, mechanical studies of the propulsion and rudder, complete fittings, etc.). The interior (ergonomics and furniture of the living areas) were carried out in collaboration with our partner Linea Concept .

Launching the GREENBOAT

Chantier Dubourdieu - Gujan Mestras (33)

Coque relevée laser FARO ORION and Dubourdieu shipyard launched Greenboat this Thursday, a pinnace 18m passenger made entirely of wood, conceived and designed by ORION to transport 57 people on the Bassin d' Arcachon. The innovative diesel and electric hybrid propulsion should help navigate 12nds cruise (thermal mode) or navigate around sensitive areas (Bird Island, houses of Cap Ferret, the Bassin ports , etc.) without sound, 100% electric.

The painting of the hull yet is to be finalized, but some of the people present on the day of the launch have already seen the ship’s lines fit elegantly into the port of Larros.

Inauguration of the floating islands of Paris

The Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, and his deputy Anne Hidalgo, opened the new bank of Paris along the Seine on June 19, 2013 between the Port of Alma and the Orsay Museum. It is a project to promote traffic and redevelop this part of the Seine into a living, walking and relaxation area. At the heart of this project emerges the "Floating Islands" garden which is open to the public. Theyare composed of five islands, each having distinct vegetation, but always faithful to the flora present on the Seine.

Orion Naval Engineering, along with SOGREAH and its partners and the AEI architect firm are proud to finish their project management mission with the City of Paris, a mission that for 2 years has led them to define the outlines of the project, guide the technical and architectural choices and monitor the implementation and commissioning of each island. This is a very exciting project, that has already seemed collect a very positive reception by Parisians and tourists visiting the capital.