• Patrouilleur de 22m Al Mocha
  • Navette de bordeaux
  • Sultana
  • Patrouilleur de 22m Al Mocha
  • Navette 1 pour Bordeaux
  • MY La Sultana
  • Inspector – Unmanned Surface Vehicle
Orion Naval Engineering - Your projects, our expertise

O.N.E. specializes in naval studies of any kind. ONE_AVP Navire
From the first sketches that define the outline
of your project to the most complex
of engineering, we will support you
in every stage of completion.

O.N.E. also specializes in maritime
and river proficiency. We offer you 
our knowledge of regulations  in order to advise you with the best conditions.

USV Inspector video

ORION design USV Inspector
ECA GROUP  harbour protection video

The coastal protection solution developed by ECA Group provides an innovative unmanned solution based on USV and UAV interaction. Due to their permanence at sea or in air, their agility to operate allowing to operators to stay out of danger zones, these drones detect, recognize and intervene rapidly against surface threats. Combined with an underwater sonar for divers intrusion detection, the operator gets the complete situation awareness and adapts its response for protecting coastal maritime assets as protecting coastal maritime assets as harbour, maritime infrastructure, flee... Self-contained in a truck, this easy to deploy solution (less than 2 hours by two operators) provides a high level of integration between sub-systems and mission & data management systems.